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...ma, he's makin' eyes at me...

Tonite, the absolute coolest thing in the entire universe occured...it is indescribable and in-verbalizable. Here is my best attempt at description:

thin mint says: are you talking to pattttt?
mixi says: word i am helping him with his homework
thin mint says: cool.. i think things are going to be alright for you two...
thin mint says: you are meant to be together.

**insert brief commentary about unrelated subject*

mixi says: go back to that "meant to be together" comment
mixi says: expound on that
thin mint says: you are
mixi says: explain…what makes you so certain?
mixi says: you are anti-soul mate concept
thin mint says: i am not anti soul mate concept
thin mint says: i think if there is such a thing you and him are it.
thin mint says: seeing you two together tonite..
thin mint says: you both love each other
mixi says: hmmm…tell me more
thin mint says: nothing more needs to be said.. the way the kisses happen seals the deal..
thin mint says: they are not kisses for the sake of kisses.. they are emotion
mixi says: hang on
mixi says: we're gonna dance to our song…brb
thin mint says: that is adorable!

**insert mix-n-snix dancing to “More Than Words” sang by Extreme**

mixi says: *tears* of happiness
thin mint says: i told you.. soul mates

**insert brief break**

mixi says: hehehe
mixi says: wait
mixi says: you have to hear the best part!
thin mint says: lets hear it!!
mixi says: he just sang me the entire song!
thin mint says: oh my lord!
thin mint says: thats crazy cool! *hug*

im out *poof-me-in-wuv*
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